At Kindy Kippers we know how important your little ones rest time is.

We provide the highest quality sheets sets  using locally sourced materials 

At Kindy Kippers we know how important your little ones rest time is.  And what better to wrap them up in, nice and snug, than the highest quality, vibrant sheet sets?  We’ve been selling our range of comfy sheets and pillows since 2001, when we were born to this world by the love of our founder, Julie.  Julie saw that parents needed high quality, lovingly crafted sheet sets to suit their child’s personality, so we endeavour to provide the highest quality, vibrant, fun and colourful sheet sets to Kindys, Preschools, Childcare centres and mums throughout the whole of Australia.

Now, come 2012, we are still providing the highest quality of vibrant sheet sets delivered throughout Australia, and even more than that:  Kindy Kippers sheet sets from as far back as our humble beginnings are still used around the country!   Our durable materials are sourced locally from Australia and New Zealand, and are made especially for your little ones.  They even come with their own generously sized name tag, so you never have to worry about your Kindy Kippers set going missing.  Not only do we provide beautiful and vibrant sheet sets, but we also stock imaginative Library Bags and Parent Communication Pockets too.

Here at Kindy Kippers, we are wed to the idea of excellent customer service.  Our founder, Julie, has great experience with Kindys and is leading us with love and care.  So, for the best quality, durable and vibrant sheet sets delivered to anywhere within Australia, check out our range and get in touch, we’re happy to help.

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